At the End of the Day – Aus / Atmen (Breathe In/Out)

15.08. – 12.09.2021

With the art project At the End of the Day, the artists Irene Accardo, Riako Napitupulu, Evgeny Khlebnikov and Diana Juneck organized artistic workshops in Schöneweide and conducted interviews on the topic of Corona with citizens from different age groups and backgrounds as part of the federal program “Democracy Live!”. The diversity in the contrasting district of Schöneweide is the focus of At the End of the Day and the residents were given the opportunity to communicate in a very personal way in times of social distancing and a general state of emergency.

Since November 2020, At the End of the Day has been open to the public through the creation of an archive of emotions. The artists* of the Polysense Art Collective, supported by GARAGE e.V and in cooperation with the Reinbeckhallen Foundation, would like to transfer this archive from virtual to real space in the summer of 2021. The exhibition will be accompanied by various workshops and will conclude with a finissage with concert and performance in front of the exhibition space.

The principle is: Get out into the fresh air again! The inner world of emotions now jumps from the boundaries of one’s own four walls and the walls of the exhibition space and shifts to the street, hidden corners, snack bars and stores of the neighborhood.

A series of workshops will be offered as a mediation program: These will be accessible to all ages and free of charge. In principle, the same creative strategies will be used that have been tried out respectively for the photo, video and performance/writing workshop, in order to tell about the pandemic and generate a changed view of reality. All workshops start in the rooms of the Reinbeckhallen and end up on the streets of Schöneweide, in the form of creative photo walks, street art action, voice and text improvisations, communication strategies that can be tried out directly on the street.


15.08.2021, Sunday
from 2pm | Vernissage with musical performance
from 4pm | Walk it out – photo workshop with Diana Juneck
from 6pm | Concert with Jana Berwig

22.08.2021, Sunday
2–4pm | Letter Painting and Street Art workshop with Evgeny Khlebnikov

02.09.2021, Thursday
2–4pm | Why not Mediation strategies with Riako Napitupulu

06.09.-11.09.2021, Monday to Saturday
2–4pm | Walking/writing workshop The human voice with Irene Accardo

12.09.2021, Sunday
from 2pm | Finissage with concert and performance
Short Voice Warm Up for the audience
Performance by Callas&Dollars

Further information you can find via the individual workshop links.

Detailed information about the project can be found here.

The art project At the End of the Day was produced by Garage Tanz e.V., Werkstatt für darstellende Künste, and the exhibition in cooperation with the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is supported by funds from the German federal program “Demokratie Leben!”