Werkstatt Neue Drucke

Historically, a universal museum complex includes a library, a laboratory, a garden and a printing workshop. The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen takes up this theme and hosts the printing workshop Werkstatt Neue Drucke on the Reinbeckhallen premises. The workshop is dedicated to the teaching of traditional printing techniques, to the artistic and scientific research of the cultural technique of printing and to artistic practice.

Within the framework of the artistic and scientific research, the workshop develops interdisciplinary methods that approach theoretical questions with the help of artistic practices. The preservation and transformation of the cultural technique of printing is another aspect.

The educational program aims at a long-term and continuous educational work. The focus is on media processes and contexts as well as forms of presentation in the museal context.

The establishment of a graphic arts collection and the development of various exhibition contents and formats are also harmonized in the artistic-practical work of the printing workshop.

The printing workshop works within a cooperation network consisting of cultural institutions, universities and relevant craft businesses and has already been able to implement a large number of projects.

Head of the printing workshop: Ulrike Koloska
Contact: werkstatt.neue.drucke@reinbeckhallen.de