Evgeny Khlebnikov, the artist leading the workshop LETTER PAINTING AND STREET ART, invites all those interested to collect their favourite memes, slogans, and quotes created during the pandemic and the lockdown last year. They can be taken from social media, TV, radio or other sources, and will be discussed at the beginning of the workshop. The artist will also bring and share examples that he has collected.

During the workshop, participants will create humorous and colourful or serious black and white signs and letter paintings using pens and collage techniques and place them on the streets, poster pillars, and in hidden places in Schöneweide for all passersby to see.

The workshop will begin in the Project Space of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, where the signs and letter paintings will be created. Participants will then explore Schöneweide and find locations for their designs together. The signs and letter paintings will be photographed by the artist and later presented in the exhibition At the End of the Day – Aus / Atmen. Participants will travel back to the Project Space of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, where the workshop will conclude.

Youth and adults of all ages are welcome. Participation can take place in German, English and Russia. No previous knowledge or materials are needed.

Workshopleader: Evgeny Khlebnikov | max. 10 participants

Evgeny Khlebnikov was born 1986 in Russia (UdSSR). The multidisciplinary artist and media educator is happy and proud of his origins. After receiving his degree as Director of animated films and computer graphics of the State University of Film and Television in Saint Petersburg in 2014, he moved to Berlin in search of new perspectives and challenges. He is a co-founder and member of the creative studio Zuckerwattenkrawatten, which specializes in offering regular creative courses and one-off projects for children and adults, such as animation, ceramics, and book illustration.



Online registration: amendedestages1@gmx.de

Cast & Credits:

Photography: Participants of the photography workshop by Diana Junek