06. – 11.09.2021

The artist Irene Accardo invites everybody to participate in her workshop HUMAN VOICE.  Adults and young people of all ages are welcome to join the discovery tour of their personal perception, feelings, and attitude towards the time of the lockdown. 

The voice is the central element of the workshop; the intimacy of a foreign, distant voice that encourages visitors to explore the area of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen through an on-site telephone. The voice gives tasks for the perception and expression of one’s own feelings through creative writing.

The first part of the workshop, the Walking/Writing challenge, uses the voice as a perceptual tool and as an introduction to creative writing. Participants are given various performative tasks by means of a telephone call from the artist. The intimacy of the voice reflects the current longing for closeness and contact, which has grown in the time of social distancing.

For the Walking/Writing workshop, participants must set an individual, 30-minute appointment in the Project Space of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen on the days of the workshop. For this purpose, a list will be laid out on-site in which all interested parties can register for a desired time slot. There will also be written instructions and guidance on how to use the telephone. Writing pads, pens, and a mobile phone will be provided.

The extended part of the workshop, the Warm Up of the Voices and the Breathing/ Soft Yoga/ Voice Exercises, on September 12 is about one’s own voice and about strengthening physical and psychological, inner space in relation to the outer space and our surroundings. On the shore area near the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, the participants will get in touch with themselves and their surroundings through perception exercises and methods of mindfulness, conscious breathing, soft yoga and their voice. No registration is necessary for this second part of the workshop


The Voices Warm Up for the audience: Breathing/ Soft Yoga/ Voice will take place on September 12 at 2 PM before the music performance by Callas&Dollars as part of the finissage of At the End of the Day – Aus / Atmen. The meeting point is the Project Space of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen.

Participation in both parts of the workshop can take place in German, English, Spanish and Italian. No previous knowledge is needed.

Workshopleader: Irene Accardo

Irene Accardo is an Italian performer, choreographer, actress, art historian and art educator based in Berlin. In her performances, videos and texts, she explores storytelling as a political and artistic practice that affects the body in space and time and questions notions of identity, gender, hierarchies and social roles. 
The artist is a founding member of the collective space GARAGE Werkstatt für darstellende Künste e.V. Since March 2020 she is also a member of the fluid multimedia collective Polysense Art and the performance music project Callas&Dollars. Irene Accardo has been a mother since July 2018. If she were an animal, she would be a mother wolf.

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Photography: Participants of the photography workshop by Diana Junek