reclaim virtual-reality/Polybird

Performances and artist talk by and with members of the BLECH. collective.

The performance reclaim virtual-reality is a self-experience that the artist Therese Lippold shares with the viewers. She herself wears VR glasses, with the help of which she sees herself from the outside, deprived of her own perspective. Surrounded by very real materials, she moves through this mediated image. A poetic-physical visual world emerges. Psycho-social parts of her personality, partly humorous partly tragic visible in the movements and images, extend the pheno-menological investigations of the material.
Further information on Therese Lippold can be found here.

Sylvie Viain creates Polybird, an interactive sound performance in an installation of colored materials and various instruments. The artist combines compositions with improvisations and invites the audience to participate.

Following the performances, there will be an artist talk with Susanne Henny Kolp, Christoph Liedtke, Therese Lippold and Sylvie Viain on 9.10.2021, moderated by Christiane Meister, art historian and mediator.


When attending the Performances and Artist Talk at the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen , proof of a negative test result or vaccination certificate or recovery is still required (3G rule). Further information can be found here.