Security measures

Stiftung Reinbeckhallen’s Health and Safety Regulations

The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is currently running its program under special conditions. For the protection of its staff and visitors, it has implemented the appropriate health and safety measures to ensure a safe and pleasant visit. The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen asks all visitors to kindly follow these measures. 

*All employees working in the exhibition areas are responsible for ensuring these measures are met. For more information on these measures, please see the current SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.


Hygiene and Behavioural Requirements in the Exhibition Areas

The exhibition areas at the Reinbeckhallen are no longer operating under the 2G-plus and 3G-Rules. This means it is no longer obligatory for our visitors to be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested.

 The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen still insists on compliance with the AHA-L rules:

– Visitors must maintain a distance of 1.5 m in all exhibition areas and in the office of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen.

– Visitors must observe the general hygiene rules by minimising the touching of objects and follow exhibition markers to avoid large gatherings.

– Visitors are encouraged to disinfect their hands by using hand sanitiser made available at the entrances of all exhibition areas.

– The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen has installed air conditioning systems (RTL systems) in the exhibition areas and entrance area, which circulate the air, and its staff regularly ventilates its exhibition spaces.


Ticket Sales

Tickets can be purchased at the Reinbeckhallen and online. If you have any questions regarding tickets, please feel free to contact us via email.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen!