Exhibition view of the a&o Kunsthalle 2020: Works by Julia Eichler, Franz Rentsch, Susanne Henny Kolp and Christoph Liedke | © Gustav Franz


26.09. – 17.10.2021
An interdisciplinary exhibition by the BLECH.-Collective - Raum für Kunst Halle e.V. in cooperation with the Reinbeckhallen Foundation.

In the exhibition MATCHES, juxtapositions from rivalry to antipole to super-match collide in multimedia. It shows the interactions of creative processes in themselves and between pairs through affinity and repulsion; media ignite new potential, just as adversaries and constant friends find each other. In this exhibition, we exercise and celebrate the clash, finding and winning, losing, sympathy and symbiosis – butterfly and orchid. The arguing and discussing, especially in complementation and fun interplay are our becoming.

This self-curated exhibition format, which debut at the a&o Kunsthalle Leipzig in the spring of 2020, will now be expanded at the Reinbeckhallen in Berlin, allowing for an even deeper and more extensive exploration. As a special highlight, three performances will take place on the opening day, September 25, 2021, starting at 4 PM. Visitors are invited to experience and participate in performances that range from the melancholic piano playing of Mattes Fischer to the absurd-magical sound worlds of Sylvie Viain to the digital-material in-between worlds of Therese Lippold. The evening will conclude with a concert by the band KLINKE at 7 PM.

Julius Anger, Charlotte Antony, Julia Eichler, Mattes Fischer, Simon Kießler, Susanne Henny Kolp, Christoph Liedtke, Therese Lippold, Jana Isabella Luck, Katja Neubert, Lasse Pook, Franz Rentsch, Regina Reusch, Hanna Sass, Paula Schneider, Sylvie Viain.

An exhibition of the BLECH.-Collective – Raum für Kunst Halle e.V.. Current information about the opening hours of the exhibition can be found here.

When attending performances or concert at the Reinbeckhallen Foundation, there is still a requirement to provide proof of a negative test result or a vaccination certificate or recovery (3G-Rule). Further information can be found here.