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Depot of Experiences

Tereza de Arruda in conversation with Clemens Krauss

In contemporary art, themes such as the investigation of human behaviour in times of crisis play a fundamental role, which Clemens Krauss addresses in the performative work Depot. The work is dedicated to the question of how people fare when depositing and archiving their own experiences. In this context, Clemens Krauss realized the performance Depot, a psychoanalytical session that took place in the depot or warehouse of the Kunsthalle Rostock, in 2021. There, the participants and the artist encountered each other not as patient and therapist, but as equal contributors to an expanded process of understanding superordinate contexts. In conversation with curator Tereza de Arruda, Krauss will elaborate on Depot.

Maximum 30 people. Ages 16+ and in German

Tereza de Arruda studied art history in Berlin, where she has lived since 1989. As a curator, she works worldwide with international artists, museums, and institutions. Since the mid-2010s, she has been a guest curator at the Kunsthalle Rostock and at the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen.

Clemens Krauss studied fine arts in Berlin and London. A trained psychoanalyst, Krauss has exhibited his work in renowned international museums, institutions, and galleries. Until Jan. 9, 2022, his solo exhibition “Massen | Masses” ran at the Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin. His contribution in the current exhibition refers to the performative work Depot, realized at the Kunsthalle Rostock in 2021.

This artist talk takes place as part of the accompanying program of the exhibition ART & HALLS. A SENSE FOR ART BEYOND WALLS.