Sam Grigorian in his studio
a touch of playfulness


A Workshop for Adults
28. – 29.10.2023

The work of Armenian artist Sam Grigorian includes a broad spectrum of works on paper, collages, and décollages. These works not only reveal his interest in the processes of layering and abrasion, but also his unique way of working with paper, geometric principles, and colors.

After Grigorian briefly discusses his works in the exhibition a touch of playfulness, participants will experiment with papers and colors and explore their own ideas about cities in the Project Room of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen. Materials and tools from Grigorian’s studio will be available for collaging, décollaging, and overpainting, and a large-scale mural will be made on paper provided by the artist during this two-day workshop.

It is also possible to make small-scale works to take home in this workshop. For those interested, please feel free to bring addition paper with different colours and textures!

For more on Sam Grigorian, please visit his website: