Exhibition and sound installation

Sam Grigorian meets Till Hass

Paper meets sound
02.02. – 25.03.2018

Intermezzo | Sam Grigorian meets Till Hass

Opening | Thursday, 1. Februar 2018, 7pm
Exhibition period | 2. Februar – 25. März 2018

Paper meets sound

The emergence of an overlayering, a mixing and separating of independent works in space becomes sensually perceptible. The visitors become part of immersive processes that evoke immersion in a contemplative dialogue between image and sound.

Sam Grigorian
Always reinventing yourself
Paperworks, Collage, Décollage

The Armenian roots of the artist Sam Grigorian, who was born in 1957 in Yerevan, become palpable in his use of and turn to the material paper. Paper as a carrier of (hand-)writing, which in turn is influenced by cultural developments. Thus, in several of Grigorian’s works, the book cover serves as a reference to the book as a carrier medium of language in the form of writing. Writing emerged in the process of writing, which can be understood as a process of becoming aware of oneself in society through the connection of eye and hand.

Till Hass
In abeyance
(“as if the sound that surpasses us all around were a maturity of space.”)

Microtonal sound installation with 20 loudspeakers

A gong-like piano sound wanders through the room in ever new ways in ever new rhythmic constellations – through minimally graded changes in pitch there are permanently varying degrees of beating and vibration. The personal position in the room allows the listener to become part of this microtonal and rhythmic process, which thus becomes a unique individual “here and now” experience.

The project takes place within the context of the programme format “Intermezzo” – an experimental space for questioning art and cultural projects.


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