Outrenoir: A Tribute to Pierre Soulages

Presented by KSBP in cooperation with k_40 | hosted by Reinbeckhallen
20200815. – 20200823


“From the darkness emanated a clarity, a pictorial light, whose particular emotional power animated my desire to paint – I like that this violent color induces introspection. My instrument was no longer the dark but that secret light that came from the dark.” – Pierre Soulages, “Entretiens avec Patrick Vauday” (2002)

KSBP presents Outrenoir, an exhibition of newly developed works by the artist duo projekt k_40 to commemorate the centennial of Pierre Soulages. The exhibition invites us to explore the meaning of black and realize our own connections through a conversation with the artworks.

k40, an artist duo composed of J.N. Kirchhof and M. Schmidt Alvarez-G, lives and works in Berlin. In their creative practice they explore the intersection of art and science, capturing unseen aesthetics generated by arbitrary processes of modern laser technology. Each artist with a background in physics and architecture respectively, projekt k_40 is fueled by their synergy to pursue the delicate balance of control and spontaneity through constant experiments in art making.

The artists have exhibited in Berlin and Paris since 2019, notably as a part of UNDRGLOBE [004]: Tekhnè at Cité de la Mode et du Design in September 2019 and Glow at Loophole Berlin in December 2019. Their first solo show Kalibrierung at Art City People in January 2020 heralded an evolution of works inspired by calibration methods; a theme further explored in Outrenoir.

KSBP is a creative duo specializing in curation and art direction, formed by Tancrède Boualam and Selena Kim. The name is an acronym of Konzept Seoul Berlin Paris, describing their origins from South Korea and France, and conception of a new identity in Germany.

Outrenoir: A Tribute to Pierre Soulages is made possible in the frame of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen’s cooperation projects.