Otro amanecer en el trópico

Contemporary Cuban artistic practices
26.10. – 30.12.2018
This Reinbeckhallen exhibition throws light upon the current developments in the artistic practices related to Cuba, taking examples from different artistic stances from several generations living in Cuba and abroad.

In this scene, there are the most varied creative and media strategies dealing with different cultural, artistic and discursive references, always keeping in mind the country’s contemporary themes and developments. Starting from the conception of a platform for the interchange and the reflection upon artistic developments in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, the main interest of the exhibition’s project is the artistic production and debate in Cuba on the conflicting background between international and local developments, both political and cultural.

The exhibition, curated by Tereza de Arruda, Abel González, Clemens Greiner and Anamely Ramos, encompasses a broad artistic spectrum. There are installations, paintings, videos and photos to be seen. The residence program of the Reinbeckhallen was inaugurated in the context of the exhibition, with the presence of the artists Luis Gómez, Henry Eric Hernández and Celia González (Celia – Yunior), who will develop site-specific works for it.

Along with the exhibition, there will be a collateral program including a panel  developed in cooperation with Henry Eric Hernandez, film program curated by Osvaldo Hernández, and a workshop in the printing workshop in cooperation with Yamilis Brito Jorge, director of the Taller Experimental de Gráfica de la Habana and Ulrike Koloska, research associate at Humboldt-University Berlin.

Glenda León
Tiempo Perdido / Wasted Time II
Photo: D. Reichenbach

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