Mark Power, "Good Morning, America" © Mark Power | Magnum Photos
Slide Show

Mark Power’s Good Morning, America (2012-2022)


Mark Power has spent the past ten years photographing America, a country he first encountered through Bonanza and Casey Jones, among other popular American television shows, in the 1960s. Taken while America was governed by three different presidents, Power’s photographs capture and, at times, confront a country that has lived in his imagination for decades. They are part of the series Good Morning, America as well as a pentalogy of photobooks published by GOST Books.

This event will include a slideshow of Good Morning, America (approximately 200 images) and an introduction by curator Dr. Candice M. Hamelin.

Mark Power (*b. 1959 in Harpenden, UK) studied life-drawing and painting and turned to photography after taking on a job that involved him working with cameras. Since then, Power, whose meticulous documentary images are almost always taken with a large-format camera, has produced countless independent and commissioned series, published 11 books, and worked as a professor of photography at the University of Brighton, a position he recently stepped away from to focus on his long-term projects.