Nina Ansari, from the series Immer schön auf dem Boden bleiben © Nina Ansari

Immer schön auf dem Boden bleiben

14.03. – 09.04.2024

The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is pleased to present a selection of works from Nina Ansari’s new series Immer schön auf dem Boden bleiben.

In 2023, Ansari, an Iranian artist working across media, started to photograph the city of Berlin and those traversing its streets and park paths. Afterwards and for the first time, the artist began to obscure the faces of her subjects, overlaying them with spots of bright white light. At once taking inspiration from René Magritte’s surrealist paintings and drawing on an earlier body of work titled War, Bedeutungsträger der Krieg, Ansari asks the viewer to imagine what is no longer there, that is, what has been omitted.

Several black and white prints from Immer schön auf dem Boden bleiben will be shown alongside a video projection in the Project Room.

To learn more about Ansari’s photographic practice and works by the artist in the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen’s collection, please visit our Collection page.