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28.09. – 06.10.2019


With this year’s exhibition DREIZEHN, members of the Ostkreuzschule’s graduating class will take part in one of the renowned photography school’s traditions: a final exhibition.

Taught by Sibylle Fendt, Göran Gnaudschun and Ludwig Rauch, members of the graduating class — 22 in total — will present their thesis projects, which call attention to a wide range of subjects, photographic genres, and contemporary photographic tendencies.

Introduced by Ingo Taubhorn, curator of photography at the Haus der Photographie/Deichtorhallen Hamburg, DREIZEHN will be complemented by a side program that includes a panel discussion with members of the Ostkreuz-Verein, concerts, guided tours by Dr. Enno Kaufhold and Miriam Zlobinski, the former a historian of photography and the latter a researcher, curator, and writer, and, finally, a film screening.


Friday, 27.09.2019

| 7pm Opening

The opening will include a speech by Ingo Taubhorn (Curator of Photography) and an afterparty with DJ sets by Gurr, DJ Gigola, and others.

Side Program

Sunday, 29.09.2019

| 3pm Guided tour by Dr. Enno Kaufhold (Historian of Photography) and Johannes Kleinert (Graduate)

Dr. Enno Kaufhold, a long-time history of photography lecturer at the Ostkreuzschule, and Johannes Kleinert, a member of the graduating class, will offer a guided tour of DREIZEHN.

| 6pm Panel discussion with members of the Ostkreuz-Verein

How are university graduates prepared for life after graduation? What happens when the excitement of the graduation ceremony has worn off and you are on the job market? We will talk with graduates of the school and one autodidact about these and other relevant matters. We will also discuss expectations and the reality of the working world, and the professional biographies of our panelists.

Thursday, 03.10.2019

| 7pm Screening of Radfahrer (2008) by Marc Thümmler

The subject of Radfahrer is Harald Hauswald and the Stasi’s monitoring of his actions. This short film compares Hauswald’s black and white photographs with observations about the photographer and his work made by the Stasi. It also shows photographs taken by Hauswald in East Berlin in the 1980s, and includes excerpts from the photographer’s Stasi file that can be heard off camera.

The screening will be followed by an audience discussion with the filmmaker and photographer.

Friday, 04.10.2019

| 5pm Guided tour with Miriam Zlobinski (Researcher, Curator, and Writer)

Miriam Zlobinski will offer a guided tour of DREIZEHN.

The tour will be followed by a Q&A session that includes members of the graduating class.

Sunday, 06.10.2019

| 7pm Finissage with a performance by Emil Schwarz & Albrecht Mainz (Isolation Berlin) and an afterparty

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