Clemens Tremmel, the sublime © REITER Galleries and the artist

Clemens Tremmel – the sublime

17.11. – 10.12.2023

The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is pleased to present the sublime, an exhibition of recent works by German artist Clemens Tremmel. On display are eleven large-scale paintings and a mixed-media work in the Event Hall, a space rarely used for art exhibitions and that bears witness to the Reinbeckhallen’s industrial beginnings.

Distinct in their making and materiality, these works—some of which have passages that are oversaturated and covered in drips of paint and others that are sliced open and left bare—challenge the idealized landscapes of the Romantic era, something the artist’s work is often associated with, and call attention to nature’s changeability.

the sublime is kindly supported by the REITER Galerie.