Holiday academy for youth (ages 9+)

Antiqua denken. Fraktur reden. Grotesk handeln.

19. – 23.04.2022
Holiday Workshop: Curves, lines, and fractures

When we write, we send messages to the world. We communicate not only through words, but also through typefaces. 

What do the oscillations of our hands tell us?

How does the form of block letters change our words?

Do our words break when we use the Gothic script with its broken lines?

In this workshop, we will put our own writing to the test. We will experiment with a variety of writing and printing techniques, from pen to typewriter to letterpress. We will also develop new writing tools and test unusual writing surfaces, communicating something about ourselves as well as the time we are living in.

Workshop Instructors: Ulrike Koloska and Katharina Walter

The workshop will be held in German and its results will be presented in an exhibition in the Project Room of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen.

As the workshop is funded by the Deutscher Museumsbund e.V. and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, participation is free of charge.

For those interested, we kindly ask you to register in advance via email.