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Why a newsletter and not social networks? Well, we got out and here are the reasons why:

We view the massive abuse of personal user data by Meta Platforms Inc. (former Facebook Inc.), uncovered due to the Cambridge Analytica case in March 2018, as a threat to the private and personal space of our entire online community. Meta Platforms Inc. is a business model that overpowers emerging trends through the targeted collection of user data as a commercial advertising medium, thereby driving social division through filter bubbles. The Paradise Papers also show that the multinational corporation, together with its subsidiaries, is undermining the national and multilateral legal situation, especially with regards to tax payments.

As such, the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen withdrew from all activities run by Meta Platforms Inc., such as Facebook and Instagram, in May 2018 and decided to provide information about its program, collection, and the Werkstatt Neue Drucke online and via Twitter and a monthly newsletter.