Werkstatt Neue Drucke | Photo: © RBH
Summer School

Think Antiqua. Talking Gothic. Acting Grotesque. Unraveling and Designing Typefaces.

18. – 22.10.2021
Typefaces say more than words. They can trigger feelings, evoke ideas, and convey attitudes. In this workshop, children and young people will delve into the history of print using type specimen books from the period after 1900.

They learn to understand the diverse visual language of letters and then use it creatively for their own writing. In the workshop, they also experiment with different materials and techniques to express moods, experiences, and fantasies in their own words and written images.

The five-day workshop is the kick-off of a year-long collaborative project between the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, the Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, the Jugendkunstschule Treptow-Köpenick, the Schule an der Alten Feuerwache, and the Integrationszentrum für Migranten/Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Arbeit, Bildung und Wohnen mbH. This year-long project is funded as part of “Museum macht stark,” the joint funding program of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the German Museums Association.
Text: Ulrike Koloska, Katharina Walter


Idea & Concept:
Ulrike Koloska (Print Artist, Arthistorian)
Katharina Walter (Cultural Scientist, Typographer)