Public Collection of Questions

NO NEED FOR ANSWERS?, Performative Printing Workshop

… let us at least agree that we want to save the possibility of questions …  (Jacques Derrida, 1997)

The Werkstatt Neue Drucke awaits your questions about current affairs and makes them legible! On the Day of Printing Arts the collected questions will be part of an art project that explores and makes visible the practice of asking questions in an open experimental set-up.

The starting point for this open laboratory is the assumption that the act of formulating a question—by means of writing in the printing and writing process—forms a complex system of approaches that offers far more opportunities for associations than linear answers. Following the idea that writing was designed by and has a creative effect on people, the printing workshop sets out to search for and deal with current phenomena of social communication.

Between March 15 and 27, 2021, a temporary space will be created in the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, where printing is interpreted as an act of creative intervention in society. If you would like to send us your questions in whatever language you prefer, please do so via email or postcard up until March 10, 2021:

Supranationale Gesellschaft für Fragestellungen
Stiftung Reinbeckhallen
Reinbeckstraße 11
12459 Berlin

Berlin, 1945–2000: extended until the end of May

We are pleased to announce that the exhibition Berlin, 1945–2000: A Photographic Subject will be extended until May 30, 2021. You will find news about its reopening via our website or newsletter (register here). Due to the continued lockdown, however, the exhibition will remain closed until further notice.

If you have purchased an Online Ticket for the period affected by the lockdown, you will be contacted via email regarding a refund.

For those interested in having a part of the exhibition at home and in supporting the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen’s activities, editions by Kurt Buchwald, Andreas Rost, and Werner Zellien can now be purchased. Further information can be found here.

We hope to see you again soon. Stay healthy!

Berlin, 1945–2000: Editions

In collaboration with photographers Kurt Buchwald, Andreas Rost, and Werner Zellien, the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is offering signed limited editions of three works included in the exhibition Berlin, 1945–2000: A Photographic Subject.

Belonging to an edition of 15, each silver gelatin print is numbered and signed, and is available for € 390 (including VAT). A percentage of the proceeds of the sales go towards supporting the work of the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen.

For more information and to place an order, please contact us at

JiMonLine | Book printing workshop: Zukunft – Buch

A cooperation between Werkstatt Neue Drucke and Jugend im Museum e.V.

Recommended for children ages 10+

Concept and Design by Ulrike Koloska

As part of the virtual JiM workshop, Ulrike Koloska, director of the Werkstatt Neue Drucke in the Reinbeckhallen, encourages children ages 10+ to make themselves heard by designing posters with images and words. In doing so, Koloska makes known how this wonderful old technique of printing is still relevant today.

Zukunft – Buch will take place in three stages:

1. Making the letters and printing the book cover (steps 1–9)
2. Making the picture motifs with found materials and templates (photos)
3. Making the Japanese binding (photos + videos)

We hope you have fun!

Photographs and films taken during the JiMonLine book printing workshop Zukunft – Buch can be sent to